The Street Gastro story originated from being the first Food Truck in Finland founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Pertti Kallioinen and Pasi Hassinen. Street Gastro is well known for premium square shaped sandwiches, which are filled with meats braised in low temperature, handmade sauces and fresh herbs and greens.

The first restaurant was opened near the Senate square on Sofiankatu where sandwiches were served straight out of the food truck and ever since then the brand has grown to be known for high-quality food and great customer service.  There are three long-term Street Gastro restaurants in the center of Helsinki and more locations has been opened during spring 2017 in Espoo and Vantaa.

The classy Food Truck is also to be seen during the summer at different events and festivals.

Hassinen and Kallioinen has earned their spurs at Chez Dominique, G.W. Sundmans, Restaurant Olo and Pure Bistro. During the past years they have revolutionized the street food culture in Finland and more is yet to come.